Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is a natural 100% wood product with each board coming from just one piece of solid wood which is cut down to the desired size, typically between 18 and 25 centimetres. The style of the cut of the wood can vary from flat-sawn, which is the most recognised style with a triangular grain, to quarter-sawn where the material is divided up into quarters, then rift-sawn, which gives a finish where the grain is horizontal. After the cutting process is complete, the material is put into a kiln for drying and then finished. Solid wood flooring is seen as a great way to give your home or office a warm, rustic and natural feel.


  • Long-Lasting & Cost-Effective
  • Color Doesn’t Fade
  • Can Be Refinished
  • Improve Acoustics in Your Home
  • Better Air Quality
  • Looks Good in All Décor Theme
  • Adds Value to Your Home
  • Strong & Durable
  • Enhance the Look of Your Home
  • Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean